Lydur Gudmundsson's Black Labrador

Lydur Gudmundsson’s tips for teaching your dog tricks

Hi, Lydur Gudmundsson here!

I wanted to write a blog post detailing how to train your dog to do some pretty cool tricks. We all love showing off how clever our dogs are, especially to our friends and family, so I wanted to share some really easy tricks with you all that you can practice for 10 minutes every day, just like here in the Lydur Gudmundsson household!

I like to use the ‘clicker’ method, which uses lots of treats and is extremely simple to get the hang of – I have read loads of dog books and websites, and experts have suggested this method as being the most successful way of getting your furry friend to do tricks. You can buy special dog training clickers, but you can also use anything that makes a noise that is consistent and which the dog can thus recognise. Personally, I like to click my fingers. After you use your chosen clicker, you have to wait 1 second and then give your dog a treat. Experts suggest doing this 10 times for repetition so that your dog will connect the clicker noise with the reward of a treat. After this step is completed we can begin to use this learning curve to teach tricks, but remember to keep training sessions short so that you don’t frustrate or confuse your dog. I recommend between 7-12 minutes per session, and be mindful of the treats you are giving your dog – treats should be low in salt and preservatives, and I wouldn’t recommend giving small cubes of cheese as canine are all lactose intolerant.

One of the most important things to remember when training your dog is that it should always be a positive experience: reward your dog when he or she gets it right, but never ever punish your dog when he/she doesn’t do what you want. Learning takes time and it is vital to engage only in positive reinforcement. In doing this, I have been able to teach every single dog I’ve ever trained to sit, fetch, and roll over. Yes, I really am Lydur Gudmundsson the Dog Whisperer! One of the tricks I want to be able to teach my dogs in the future, when I have honed my dog training skills, is the trick where they fetch your slippers and morning newspaper. This will definitely take time and a lot of patience but I am absolutely committed to taking time each and every day to train my dogs.

So there you have it, an easy, simple and, most importantly, positive way of teaching your dog how to tricks. Of course, my blog post is very short and doesn’t go into much detail, but I hope it will help you to nail those all-important fundamental first steps in pursuit of this awesome goal. Thanks for reading and I hope to upload another post soon with my progress!


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