Lydur Gudmundsson Terrier Cross

The most intelligent dog breeds according to Lydur Gudmundsson

From cute little Dachshunds to working Border collies, I think they’re all great. But just how do we tell which ones are the smartest? Well, from my experience with a number of different breeds at the Lydur Gudmundsson Canine Company I have built up an understanding of the various types of dogs and their levels of intelligence. Of course, most people think their own particular dog is the smartest of the bunch but this post will look at just how true that is. If you’re looking at getting a dog yourself, this information might help you to make your choice.

One breed that many people associate with intelligence is the Border collie. For centuries now they have worked on farms to herd sheep and are recognised for their sharp minds and willingness to learn. These true working dogs are incredibly agile and athletic but can get restless if they are not kept occupied. They make ideal farm dogs but might not be the best choice for your first family dog as they will need a lot of mental stimulation to stop them from getting bored.

Golden retrievers are often thought of as the ideal family dog and the breed has featured in many films and television series in this role. They are also a popular breed to be trained as guide dogs which certainly showcases just how intelligent they are. These loyal companions can be trained to help blind people navigate their way around and are also often used in search-and-rescue operations as they are so keen to learn and help. If you are looking for an intelligent breed that also makes an ideal family pet then this is certainly a great choice.

One breed you may not have thought about when it comes to intelligence is the Doberman. These dogs were traditionally used as guard dogs due to their size and stature, however, their high levels of intelligence have led to them being trained as police dogs. They are easily trained and can learn a number of complex commands. They are also recognised as being one of the most loyal breeds of dog which can sometimes lead to them being defensive of their owners so it is definitely worth ensuring you socialise them as much as possible when they are puppies to avoid any territorial behaviour.

It’s not just big breeds that are the smart ones, a number of smaller dogs are also recognised for their sharp minds. The Papillon is a French breed which is known for being very alert and friendly as well as being incredibly fast. They are determined little dogs who are eager to please and can be taught all kinds of different tricks. They are the perfect small family dog!

Let me know if you agree with the Lydur Gudmundsson list of smart dogs!


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