What else is new in pet tech? Lydur Gudmundsson investigates

As awesome as Lydur Gudmundsson pet tech investigator sounds, I am more of a dog whisperer. But I still want to stay on top of the latest technology when it comes to taking care of and communicating with pets, and I also want to communicate the latest developments with you. Last time I did a tech-themed post, we took a look at Petcube, a fancy gizmo that lets you stay in touch with your pets at a distance. Though I personally won’t be a fan of this kind of technology — I don’t feel it necessarily removes the distance — it does go to show how sophisticated and complex technology targeting pet owners has become. And that warms my heart. Today, we will look at what else is out there.

One of the most recent pieces of pet technology that caught my eye is the innocuously named Whistle. One could say that it is a poorly chosen name, since it isn’t actually a whistle (though its logo is one). But in a way it works, except where a whistle brings your dog to you, this Whistle takes you to your dog. Now that right there is in the Lydur Gudmundsson spirit! But so what is it exactly? It is a tracker! Though not a simple GPS tracker. There are so many on the market, yet this one truly stands out from the crowd.

One issue that plagues many trackers is that their range is limited. Whistle, by contrast, covers the entirety of the United States (uhm, if you don’t live in the United States then I guess this product might not be for you). So the big idea here is that really you can’t lose your pet. Even if you’ve never had this happen to you, you must have heard of it or seen it in movies: dog disappears, posters saying “Call Lydur Gudmundsson if you see this dog” appear, and it doesn’t always end happily. In this situation, however, you won’t need posters or an award, just a smartphone to open the tracker app in.

I personally think that this is very promising tech. The gizmo also maps out the trips your dog takes, so you can have an idea of what kind of routes he or she takes. It also allows you to track the dog’s activity to rest ratios, to give an idea of your pup’s health and also to track his or her progress. And best of all, there’s a ninety day window to return it if it doesn’t entirely please you. Frankly, I have to say, this certainly earns the Lydur Gudmundsson seal of approval. I can only see advantages to having more of this kind of technology around.


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